Nolans Sandblasting

Nolans Sandblasting
Steel Grit Blasting service

Steel Grit Blasting

Our steel grit blasting service offers an effective solution for removing surface contaminants and preparing metal surfaces for various industrial applications. By utilizing high-quality steel grit, we are able to efficiently eliminate rust, scale, old paint, and other imperfections from a wide range of metal surfaces, leaving them clean and properly textured for subsequent treatments.

Our Process:


  1. Surface Assessment: We carefully evaluate the condition of the metal surface to determine the most suitable steel grit size and blasting pressure for optimal outcomes.


  1. Preparation: Prior to blasting, we take precautions to protect surrounding areas from abrasive residue and ensure that proper safety measures are in place.


  1. Blasting Application: Our experienced technicians utilize advanced equipment to propel steel grit at the appropriate pressure and angle in order to achieve the desired finish on the metal surface.


  1. Quality Inspection: After blasting, we conduct comprehensive inspections to ensure that the metal surface meets our established standards of cleanliness and profile roughness.


  1. Surface Protection: Depending on your requirements, we can apply temporary or long-term protective coatings following the steel grit blasting process to safeguard the newly prepared surfaces against corrosion and environmental influences.


With our commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmentally responsible practices, our steel grit blasting service stands as a reliable choice for effectively preparing metal surfaces across various industries.