Nolans Sandblasting

Nolans Sandblasting

Welcome to Nolan’s Sandblasting (Nolan’s Group)

Nolan’s Sandblasting specializes in blasting cleaning of stone, brick, steel, and lumber, and can breathe new life into Facades, metal objects like Cars Boats Engines, railing etc. All new coatings need a proper base for good adhesion.

Why you Need Sandblasting

Sandblasting is frequently used as part of the finishing process to remove materials from an object in order to prepare its surface for coating. Here are some of the benefits of hiring sandblasting services for your company:

  • The surface is cleaned with sandblasting. Sandblasting is an important component of the finishing process for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it smooths the surface of the object. It also cleans the surface. Sandblasting services are an excellent technique to remove rust, oil, and other damaging impurities from nearly any surface.
  • Sandblasting is a surprising fast process. Sandblasting cleans and soothes items so that they can be finished fast and efficiently. This makes cleaning difficult surfaces like metal easier, saving time and money.
  • Sandblasting removing old paint when an object is covered in old paint, sandblasting can quickly remove the paint at a fast rate. This prepares the object for a new coat of paint, resulting in a clean and smooth finish.

High Quality of Service

Nolan’s Sandblasting is the finest option if you need high-quality sandblasting services. Our work is of the highest quality in all areas, but special care is done in the areas of Sand and Shot Blasting, where inadequate initial preparation/renovation might cause problems later in a production or construction process.

We at Nolan’s Group supply dry and mist sand blasting and shot blasting services for dust sensitive areas. Also regulated pressures from 7 to 10 psi for sensitive substrates.

Abrasive cleaning is a method of cleaning mainly used on various types of stonework & metal and is very effective as it can remove tough stubborn staining such as rust and also multiple layers of paint. We are experts in all areas of abrasive cleaning including chalk, shot & mist blasting and are capable of cleaning metal surfaces to SA 2.5 standard.

Abrasive cleaning can be a harsh process so we would recommend seeking our advice in this regard so as not to cause damage to original building fabric. Blasting services have there place which is not on exterior brick facades as even at low pressure blasting will etch the surface of the baked brick which stops the water from entering your building. This will lead to freeze Thaw action and the face of your brick will deface over time. This is what we call Spalding damage.

Painting Service

After sand blasting or shot blasting of metal and wrought iron pieces we can offer oxidised priming painting service. We can also offer a powder coating service if required. It is important that items are primed & painted after blasting in a timely fashion to protect them from the elements and prevent surface rust from returning. Remember to lightly dry blast all new Galvanised surfaces if you want to paint to allow good bonding of the new coatings.

We can take on your project from start to finish without the worry of re-occurring surface contamination. For further information regarding Sand blasting, Shot Blasting & Painting Service, and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates.

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