Nolans Sandblasting

Nolans Sandblasting
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Soda Sand Blasting

Experience the efficient, eco-friendly cleaning method of Soda Sand Blasting. Our bespoke service integrates advanced technology with vast industry knowledge to deliver excellent results. Whether you are focused on restoring a delicate antique or maintaining large-scale industrial operations, our Soda Sand Blasting is the solution you need.  


Our experts are renowned across Ireland for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering top-notch service. As leaders in soda blasting in Ireland, we navigate complex projects with relative ease, offering an unrivalled level of clean every single time.

Soda Sand Blasting Methodology


The effectiveness of our Soda Sand Blasting lies in its precise technique. We propel sodium bicarbonate particles against surfaces under high pressure— think of it as power washing but more sensitive and controlled! The non-destructive process gently removes paint, grime, soot, mould and other contaminants from various types of material without causing any damage.

Our environmentally-friendly method is safe on glass, plastics, metals, brick and other substrates. Plus, it’s also a superior option when dealing with hazardous materials like lead-based paint because the soda neutralizes the toxins.

Trust us for your requirement of effective soda blasting in Ireland; we guarantee nothing less than impeccable results that align with your specific needs.